What is it?

What exactly is hyposphagma?

The sudden appearance of an intense redness in the normally white part of the eye, usually without other accompanying symptoms, makes us sometimes worry. This intense redness called hyposphagma (hyposphagma) and it is due to bleeding under the conjunctiva. What is “strange” is that, despite its repulsive appearance is absolutely harmless to the eye. The blood becomes visible because the tissue that covers the white of the eye, i.e. the bulbar conjunctiva, is transparent and blood collection generated below it is clearly distinguishable.

hyposphagma1   hyposphagma2

Main causes and treatment

What causes hyposhpagma?

Hyposhpagma, because of its unsightly appearance is frightening the patient, but does not affect vision. It appears suddenly, it is not due to an illness and therefore there are no grounds for concern. The main causes are:

  • strong cough
  • intense physical exercise and stress
  • heavy lifting
  • vomit
hyposphagma3   hyposphagma4

How is it treated?

Generally administration of medication or other topical treatment is not required. Normally, in two to three weeks, the symptom will disappear (it will be absorbed) and the eye will clear. Finally in cases of recurrent hyposphagma an overall cardiovascular and blood test is proposed.