Retinal detachment


Retinal detachment

The role of the retina:

The retina is a delicate anatomical membrane inside the eye (fundus). The principal function is to receive the light (visual stimuli) entering the eye and translates them into visual information (images) in the human brain.

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What exactly is the retinal detachment?

The retinal detachment is the ocular condition which detaches the retina from the choroid (the wall of the eye). This specific ocular condition is characterized as extremely urgent and requires immediate treatment to repair the damage. The detachment is capable of even leading to blindness.

Causes and symptoms

Situations likely to lead to retinal detachment are:

  • high levels of diabetes mellitus
  • an injury of the eye
  • ocular inflammation
  • angiopathies
  • degenerative myopia (very high myopia)

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  • floating shadows in areas of the visual field
  • floaters (floaters) and flashing lights (flashes)
  • vision loss accompanied by a grey or black veil (like a curtain) firmly in front of our visual field


What are the main types of retinal detachment?

  • Rhegmatogenous: a crack is created in the retina resulting in liquid that enters the subretinal space and detaches the layer of tissue
  • Non-rhegmatogenous: mainly due to two mechanisms: effusion of liquid in the subretinal space due to a tumour, inflammation or degenerative damage and detachment due to traction, in situations such as diabetes mellitus (traction detachment), ischemia and trauma
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What are the main methods of treatment of the retinal detachment?

  • Laser Application (Argon laser): in the case of the detection of the symptoms without the occurrence of detachment, application of specific thermal laser beams is performed. The rays are able to entrench (to close and heal) the retinal cracks
  • Surgical procedure: to repair the fault and reset (repositioning) of the retina (closure of the crack)

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