Aesthetic laser

Το PlexR είναι μία επαναστατική μέθοδος που αναίμακτα και ανώδυνα αφαιρεί (εξαχνώνει) επιφανειακές στιβάδες δέρματος. Αποτελεί την πιο προηγμένη, μη επεμβατική μέθοδο βλεφαροπλαστικής και θεραπείας ατελειών του προσώπου.

Bloodless blepharoplasty with the Plexr method

The problem and its treatment:

As we age, the skin of our eyelids presents some slackening. The eyes look half closed presented with “bags” and wrinkles. The Plexr method effectively softens the signs of aging present in the periocular area or the area of our face generally. It is ideal for those that want and desire a more youthful appearance regardless of their age.

The great advantage of the method is that it requires a scalpel or laser, surgical incisions, sutures or surgical procedures. This is a completely non-invasive process, the result is the same as the classic blepharoplasty or similar to any outcome of surgical intervention for removing wrinkles and excess skin from the face.

How does it work:

The Plexr is a portable, wireless device.
The device creates a small arc to selectively increase the temperature in a particular zone, evaporating the skin tissues, evaporating the superficial tissue liquid (the elastic skin fibers become smaller and increase the thickness of the tissue) without affecting the underlying layers. So a process of “facelift” is created in the area it is applied.

How is the therapy applied, practically:

The procedure applies to eyelid and periocular wrinkles depending on the needs and aesthetic problems. Treatment is gradual and usually requires three sessions a few minutes about every 15-20 days.

Side effects:

The bloodless blepharoplasty with technical Plexr is a process without side effects, with a stable and lasting effect.