What is it?

What exactly is the iridotomy with laser?

Iridotomy is a short and painless surgery with laser. It is very safe and does not require hospitalization. The technique of iridotomy is applied in patients presenting anatomically narrow angles and therefore predisposed or installed narrow-angle glaucoma. Iridotomy aims to alter the anatomical location of the iris, to widen the angle of the eye and to make the outflow of aqueous fluid more easily.

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What is the procedure of iridotomy?

A small hole is created in the iris (coloured diaphragm of the eye) with the aid of the yag laser system. This is intended to create communication between the anterior and posterior eye chamber for the treatment of acute glaucoma. The surgery is performed under local anesthesia with drops, it takes a few minutes and the patient can immediately return to their daily activities. It is possible, after iridotomy, for appropriate anti-glaucomatous eye drops, to be required, as before surgery.

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