Preoperative check

Preoperative check

Why is preoperative testing necessary prior to refractive surgery with laser?

Preoperative procedure includes a series of examinations to take into account factors such as the stability of vision, the condition of the cornea, the overall health of your eyes and your medical history. Preoperative control is essential not only for the selection of the refractive technique, but also for the accurate planning of treatment with excimer laser for best results.

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Throughout the test you will be able to express your questions. The candidates for laserrefractive surgery, that make use of contact lenses, need to remove them ten days before testing.

What is included?

What is exactly included in a complete pre-operative testing prior to refractive surgery with laser?

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  • clinical examination of the eyes with a slit lamp (slit lamp)
  • topography (corneal topography): thorough inspection of the anterior and posterior surface of the cornea
  • keratometry (keratometry)
  • measuring the IOP (intraocular pressure)
  • cycloplegic skiascopy
  • ray tracing
  • fundoscopy
  • measurement of tear production (schirmer test)
  • pachymetry (corneal pachymetry): precise measurement of the corneal thickness, element for choosing the refractive technique
  • pupilometry: measurement of daughter each eye
  • abberometry: an analytical study of the management of light by the eye, an element for the design of treatment (deflections)
  • refractive check: accurate measurement of refractive errors (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism) and confirmation of stabilizing them
  • biometric analysis
  • endothelioscopy

The day of surgery

What be considerate about on the day of refractive surgery with laser:

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  • dedicate a day to yourself, exclusively
  • avoid makeup, mascara, perfume
  • thoroughly clean your eyelids the night before
  • wear comfortable clothes
  • be sure to have a light breakfast
  • make sure you are accompanied by a friend or a relative

* Please note that if you wish, you will be given a mild anti-anxiety pill to feel more comfortable.