Prevention (infants, preschool and school children)

Every newborn knows the world through his senses. Good vision will help it to communicate, to move, to learn, because 80% of what we learn in life we learn by watching. The children’s eyesight develops gradually from birth to 7 years old. But in order for it to be developed properly, the organs of vision (eye and visual system) shoud have been properly constructed. 15-20% of children suffer from undiagnosed eye disease that can irreparably damage their sight.

Damage to the eyes in the years of development must be treated immediately because severe visual disorders cause children poor concentration, decreased performance at school and difficulties in activities such as painting, dancing, sports etc. Early diagnosis and treatment of such problems is usually leading to their complete cure.

At Ophthalmica for the child preventative examinations and school readiness programmes adapted to the ages of the children are applied. The examination is like a game, offering a sweet experience and memory in children.