OPHTHALMICA advantages

OPHTHALMICA is the first comprehensive private eye clinic in northern Greece. It was created to be able to solve the problem of all ophthalmological patients of all ages. Proper diagnosis and treatment is the result of knowledge, experience and modern adaptive equipment.

At OPHTHALMICA distinguished ophthalmologists offer their services with knowledge of every field of modern ophthalmology.
All business partners trust the doctors of OPHTHALMICA, believing that it is a scientific area where all patients enjoy high quality services, safety and the confidence of a large and modern Institute.


• highly qualified scientists in every field of modern ophthalmology
• Measures and safety procedures certified under ISO
• Cutting Edge Technology
• Collaboration with leading institutions abroad


• Offers ophthalmological services with quality, safety and humanity to each patient
• Contributes to the development of scientific knowledge
• Supports vulnerable population groups with corporate social responsibility programmes