OPHTHALMICA institute is the 1st private One Day ophthalmological Clinic (ODC) in Northern Greece. It provides fully customized clinical, diagnostic and surgical services to all its patients covering all ophthalmology sub-specialties. 

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Vas Olgas 196 & Ploutonos 27
Postcode 54655 Thessaloniki
Τel no. +30 2310 263063
Fax no. +30 2310 279362

Agias Sofias 40
Postcode 54622 Thessaloniki
Τel no. +30 2310 251501, +30 2310 221001
Fax no. +30 2310 286974

Working hours:
Daily 09:00 - 21:00

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The Clinic (One Day Clinic)

OPHTHALMICA is the first in Private Eye Clinic in Northern Greece. It stands out for its integrated services to patients of all ages, high level diagnostic, clinical and surgical care.…
The Clinic (One Day Clinic)

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Letters of thanks: Thank you letter - "Tree of Life" Association Thank you letter - Fountoulakis Georgios, Chairman of the Greek Paralympic Committee of People with Special Needs Testimonials: Thank…
They said about us

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OPHTHALMICA advantages

OPHTHALMICA is the first comprehensive private eye clinic in northern Greece. It was created to be able to solve the problem of all ophthalmological patients of all ages. Proper diagnosis…
OPHTHALMICA advantages

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Click here to start the virtual tour (Virtual tour 360). Follow the arrows to define the flow of browsing yourself or use the drop down menu (above & right) for…
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Ophthalmica video spot

Ophthalmica video spot


Exercising high level ophthalmology requires support from cutting edge technology both diagnostic and clinical, and the surgical field. OPHTHALMICA offers its doctors the latest equipment in order to offer their…

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At this period there is no available job spot at the Institute of Ophthalmology and Microsurgery Ophthalmica.
Carreer opportunities

Ophthalmica Video Spot


What exactly is amblyopia? Amblyopia (amblyopia), widely known as a "lazy eye" (lazy eye), is characterized no doubt, as the most common eye disease of childhood. It…


What exactly is the retina? The eye is like a camera (camera). The lens in front of the eye focuses the light on the retina. You can…

Retinal detachment

The role of the retina: The retina is a delicate anatomical membrane inside the eye (fundus). The principal function is to receive the light (visual stimuli) entering the…

Vitreous detachment

What is the vitreous liquid? The vitreous is a space at the back of the eye, between the lens and the retina and it is filled with a…


What exactly is astigmatism? Astigmatism (astigmatism) is that refractive error of the eye in which the cornea is elliptical (rather than spherical) with asymmetrical curvatures. The incoming…


What exactly is glaucoma? Glaucoma (glaucoma) is a common eye disease affecting millions of people. It is characterized as an insidious and irreversible eye condition that can…


What exactly is cataract? Cataract (cataract) is an eye disease that develops with aging. It is the gradual, over the years, clouding of the natural crystalline lens…

Corneal conditions

What exactly is the cornea? The cornea is the clear "window" of the eye in the world. This anterior layer of tissue is the most refractive surface of the…


What exactly is keratoconus and when is it manifested? Keratoconus (keratoconus) is an ocular condition in which the normal structure - shaped cornea progressively thins, creating a…


What exactly is myopia? Short-sightedness (myopia) is a very common refractive error in which distant vision (distant vision) is very difficult. In myopia, light rays from the…


What exactly is presbyopia? Presbyopia is an evolutionary problem and not a static situation. Related to the declining of near vision. Presented at the age of 40-45…


What exactly is the uvea? The uvea is a vascularized fibrous layer that protects the eye and is extremely important for nutrition. It consists of three parts: the iris,…


What exactly is strabismus? The squint (strabismus) is a relatively common condition that normally occurs at a young age. The condition is that the optical axes of…


What exactly is hyperopia? In farsightedness (hyperopia) the near vision is mainly affected but also, to some extent, the distant vision as well. It is also a…

Macular conditions

What exactly is the macula? The retina is a thin layer of tissue in the back of the eye (playing the role of photographic film to capture visual information).…

Other pediatric ophthalmology conditions

What is cataract? A cataract is a condition in which the natural lens of the eye becomes cloudy. The blurring can have various shapes and sizes. It can cover…