Eρευνητική μελέτη με θέμα 'Current Perspectives of Prophylaxis and Management of Acute Infective Endophthalmitis'

Δημοσιεύτηκε πριν από λίγες ημέρες στο Διεθνές Ιατρικό Περιοδικό 'Advances in Therapy' η ερευνητική μελέτη με θέμα 'Current Perspectives of Prophylaxis and Management of Acute Infective Endophthalmitis' που εκπονήθηκε από τους ιατρούς του Ινστιτούτου Οφθαλμολογίας & Μικροχειρουργικής Ophthalmica Π. Τρανό, Σ. Αστεριάδη, Α. Βακάλη & Ν.Δερβένη. Η μελέτη αναλύει όλα τα σύγχρονα δεδομένα σχετικά με την προφύλαξη και θεραπεία της οξείας λοιμώδους ενδοφθαλμίτιδας.


Endophthalmitis is an intraocular inflammatory condition which may or may not be caused by infective agents. Noninfectious (sterile) endophthalmitis may be attributable to various causes including postoperative retained soft lens matter or toxicity following introduction of other agents into the eye. Infectious endophthalmitis is further subdivided into endogenous and exogenous. In endogenous endophthalmitis there is hematogenous spread of organisms from a distant source of infection whereas in exogenous endophthalmitis direct microbial inoculation may occur usually following ocular surgery or penetrating eye injury with or without intraocular foreign bodies. Acute infective endophthalmitis is usually exogenous induced by inoculation of pathogens following ocular surgery, open-globe injury and intravitreal injections. More infrequently the infective source is internal and septicemia spreads to the eye resulting in endogenous endophthalmitis. Several risk factors have been implicated including immunosuppression, ocular surface abnormalities, poor surgical wound construction, complicated cataract surgery with vitreous loss and certain types of intraocular lens. Comprehensive guidelines and recommendations on prophylaxis and monitoring of surgical cases have been proposed to minimize the risk of acute endophthalmitis. Early diagnosis and prompt management of infective endophthalmitis employing appropriately selected intravitreal antibiotics are essential to optimize visual outcome.

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Source: Advances in Therapy