Long-term follow-up of inflammatory cystoid macular edema



To determine the long-term functional and anatomical outcome of idiopathic uveitic cystoid macular edema (UCME).


A longitudinal retrospective study was undertaken of the medical records of patients with UCME. All individuals were examined in the uveitis Service at the Moorfields Eye Hospital. The main outcome measures were change in visual acuity and anatomical outcome of UCME at diverse time points.


A total of 109 eyes (92 patients) with UCME were included in the analysis. Mean follow-up was 60 ± 45 months (median, 48 months). Mean logarithm of the minimum angle of resolution visual acuity 1 month after the intervention improved significantly (P < 0.001) by 0.21 ± 0.27 and maintained at similar levels throughout the follow-up period. Visual acuity at the final follow-up improved in 75 eyes (69%), was deteriorated in 21 eyes (19%), and remained unchanged in 13 eyes (12%). Younger age and better visual acuity at baseline were associated with more favorable visual outcome (P < 0.001). Optical coherence tomography documentation of improvement or total resolution of UCME was observed in 84 eyes (77%) at the final follow-up.


Cystoid macular edema is a major complication in uveitis. Current management provides satisfactory long-term results for the majority of those individuals. Visual acuity 1 month after the intervention is usually indicative of the final functional outcome.

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