Rare Persistent Corneal Infection by Phoma sp. - A Case Report

Adamopoulou A., Sakellaris D., Koronis S., Balidis M., Zachariadis Z., Tranos P., Kozeis N., Gatzioufas Z., Anogeianakis G., Mikropoulos D. Konstas A.


We report a case of severe Phoma sp. corneal infection in a middle-aged, otherwise healthy, female patient who was using a soft contact lens. This is the first time that such an infection has been reported in Greece. Our case demonstrates the clinical difficulties and management challenges presented by these recalcitrant corneal infections. Management steps included corneal grafting, vitrectomy, and intravitreal antibiotics.


Corneal infection, Fungal, Phoma sp.

PMID:  30701475, PMCID: PMC6393258, DOI: 10.1007/s40123-019-0163-0

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Source: Pubmed